Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let's play catch up

Hi! It's been awhile, a long while actually, over a full year has passed since I had the chance to catch my breath and write a blog. Let's see, I tapered off writing when I started my college journey...

It was great! Honestly, I really enjoyed the challenge that going to college full time presented me with. No, I did not graduate and at the moment I have no plans to do so. I started college and then I started homeschooling and then we got orders. While I was enjoying the challenge I really struggled finding the balance between my school work and my kids. When we got orders to move I really had to double up on my college work to finish all of my classes by the end of February instead of the traditional mid to end of May. I did it, I did it well I held a 4.0 with no problem but I was burnt out and felt like I was failing at my biggest challenge being the MOM. I know plenty of moms who can do it all and they do it great I just couldn't. So while college was great and great for me I let that chapter of my life close to allow another chapter to begin.

We got ORDERS! As my husbands time with K9 was coming to a close he put in for a couple different special duty assignments. They were all long shots but he knew if he didn't apply he  definitely wouldn't get the job so there was no harm in applying. I was rooting for a job that would land us in Texas, I mean I was praying hard and already had my mind made up we were going there. The conversation the day he got orders went something like this. " Well I didn't get that job in Texas." " Ok I guess that just wasn't in the Plans for us" said in my most disappointed but trying to be supportive voice, " so now what?" " I got the job in Minot! We are moving to North Dakota!".... Crickets, yes in my head I heard crickets, in hind sight it was probably the blood rushing from my brain to my toes but I couldn't tell at that moment. Why not Minot was not my mantra, I hate the cold, why was my husband so excited about moving anyways, ok God is just playing a joke and the orders will get canceled also went through my head as I jointedly croaked out, " That's great honey." My husband floated through the next couple of months as I drowned in my school work, prepared the kids to move from NC to ND and tried to wrap my head around the whole renting out my house thing that we decided to do instead of selling it. March came, the orders did not get canceled, God was not joking, TMO showed up to pack up everything we owned and as if on cue my kids all started vomiting. We made it to Minot with another great puking PCS story under our belts and I immediately fell in love with North Dakota. Perhaps I was delirious at that moment but the infatuation has not worn off and I am so glad we came.

We started attending the little Protestant chapel on base at Easter and by the end of June I was hired on as part of the staff. I couldn't completely give up being challenged I guess. I am the Hospitality Coordinator which in my personal translation means I cook and serve dinner every Wednesday night for anywhere from sixty to one hundred people who attend Religious Education classes or just need a free dinner and fellowship. I have a few other responsibilities too but that is the big one and I love it.

I still homeschool the fantastic five, I still adore my husband who loves his new job here at Minot and I still think about tons of great things to blog about on a regular basis. So I am hoping to get back into the habit of writing my thoughts, menu plans, convictions and inspirations again! I've missed it, I've missed all of you. Hope to write again soon and in between times please know I am keeping the adventure real!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Greatest Party of All Time

 I know it has been a long time since you all have heard from me, well no fear all is well in my world and I hope all is well in yours! I admit it has been crazy with recovering from Lyme disease, going to college full time online, breast reduction surgery and then we started homeschooling all five of our littles so you can see why I have not been posting. That does not mean I have not wanted to because I have just way to much going on to unclog the writers block or perhaps not enough to inspire it free. 

 The reason I am writing a post today is to share something big, really big, that we are getting ready to do. This month despite all of our normal chaos we have been led to host a huge fundraiser for a friend of ours who just happens to be as crazy as me right down to the house full of kids, hubby in the military and homeschooling to boot! What is the fund raiser for? Why to add to their family tree of course! You see she and her husband both felt the call to adopt a deaf child and so they started their journey. You can read more about that here

 On August 1st my friend started a fast ,you see they have to raise $30,000 to see this adoption through and they believe God is going to lead them through this whole adoption process with zero debt so that is a pretty big thing right there and a fast seemed appropriate. In the mean time here I am helping my daughters sort through all their stuff and facing the birthday dilemma, you know what I mean, the big party, the piles of presents and the having no where to put it all when the party is over and knowing most of it will never get played with or will end up broken dilemma. The Loo family had been heavy on my heart and I knew whatever we cleared out of the girls room was going to them for a yard sale they are planning, but they still really just sat there kinda lodged in my heart. That is when an idea popped into my head "Why not give them the party instead!". Cue giant Grinch smile and I poured my heart out to my two soon to be celebrating birthdays daughters. They liked the idea in fact they liked it a lot, so I presented it to my husband who eh lets just say it took a couple days to fully sink in and leave it at that LOL. I do have his full support now though just so you know and he is the mastermind behind us holding a silent auction during the party which so far is looking pretty sweet. Our daughters are also fully on board and are really looking forward to this event, I could not be more proud of them to be so willing to give up birthday presents from friends to bring home this little boy, they could have said no and I would have respected that completely but they didn't instead they are helping brain storm ideas and asking what more they can do.

So I got a hold of Kathy my crazy friend and told her we needed to get together because I had this great idea. We met up at a local chicken joint and while our kids played I talked, she listened and there you go I was planning my first ever fund raiser because of course she loved the idea, and of course it came right at the end of a month long fast, and of course it was just gonna be awesome! After all of that I had to figure a few things out like the invite, just how do you present something like this to the public. So this is what I came up with granted it has had a few revisions but you get the idea.

" Let’s get this party started right!!! Please join us on September 28th at 6pm for a “Despicable” good time and a “Gru”vy costume party boos ya! Everyone is invited to wear their favorite “not scary” character costume, moms and dads this goes for you too! There will be games and plenty of food too.
This year our girls Liberty and Skylar have decided to not have just any old party for their 8th and 10th birthday celebrations, instead they are giving their party away to help bring a little boy in China closer to his forever family right here in Goldsboro, NC. Kathy Loo the adoptive mom will be in the house to talk a little bit about their adoption journey, to help you get a closer understanding of what you are helping us support.
So here is the dealio instead of gifts we are asking that you kindly and generously give a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to the Loo Family at
Bring your dollars daddy’s and mommy’s as we will also be doing a raffle for only the hottest toy on the market!!!! One I am sure your minions will LOVE!! There will also be a silent auction for your bidding pleasure on site so come prepared to shop!
To all of our out of state friends and family we are inviting you to help us celebrate the true meaning of family and consider giving toward this awesome cause “Operation Megatron”."

Sounds fun doesn't it?  Here is where it gets even better!! When asking my daughter Liberty,the one who is turning 8 very soon, just how much she thought each person would give she quickly said $30. Now she had no idea that the Loo's needed to raise $30,000, but so far not much of what has been going on behind the scenes has made sense so it fits! Now this is what we are doing we are asking everyone we know to share   and help us get 1000 people to pledge $30 each between now and September 28th which is the day of the party. If you think about it 1000 people really are not that many I bet you have close to that many friends on Facebook right now so go ahead and share the link and ask them to pledge just $30 to help this family bring home their son. Every cent made from this event goes toward the adoption and every cent donated online is tax deductible. So if you see this blog and you've read this far please share it, share the link, pledge $30 and help us build the Loo family tree. Thank you

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lady Love Thy Ta-Ta's

It is breast cancer awareness month. We are commanded to love not only others but ourselves and part of loving ourselves is to take care of our bodies. Schedule your mammograms, do self breast exams, eat well, think positive, laugh a lot, and pray often. If you are called to give this month please research before doing so, this will ensure your money is going where it is most needed.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I did it!!

My brain is killing me but I could not leave all of my faithful readers hanging so here is a quick update:

I PASSED!!!!!!
FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I passed my placement test. I stomped reading and writing, then did well (not my best, but well) in computer and pre-Algebra. Algebra I did not do so well in and will be taking a review class in that this semester. Honestly I was expecting that I was screaming at my computer and banging my head on the desk while studying. Algebra is not my friend!
Enough about that stinky subject though the important thing is I passed, I am going to college!!
I applied for a bunch of grants after I filled out my FAFSA and got my award letter today too.
I will not have to pay anything praise the Lord!
I feel so blessed, I just can not believe it!
Ok I am gonna go now I feel like mush that test is killer.
Thank you all so much for praying and believing!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Commissary Coupon Policy

I wanted to post a link to the new commissary coupon policy. No more stacking of any kind will be accepted even on coupons that do not exclude the stacking of coupons which I have never had a problem using in the past. I am not happy but I don't make the rules I just have to follow them.
Here is the link. 

Will I still shop at the commissary? Yes, I earned the right to shop there you better believe I am gonna use it! They will still have great sales that I can take advantage of without stacking coupons.

Will I start watching sale prices at other stores a little closer to get a better deal then DeCa? You better believe it!

 I have watched prices rise and fall at the commissary enough to question the "law" they claim keeps them from charging above cost and does not allow them to make a profit. Why else would they charge up to 10 cent more per pound for bananas then other stores in the area?

Grab your note books ladies and start tracking prices if you find a better deal elsewhere on something that you need buy it. Price tracking is one of the best ways to save your grocery dollars when you can shop at a variety of stores. Keeping track of prices is also beneficial if you can only shop at one major grocery store because you can keep track of the every day price and know that the sale price is a good deal!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

School journey update

My application to be a student at Wayne Community College has been received along with my instate tuition application.  Military and their dependents living in the state of North Carolina can apply for in state tuition rates which is a huge money saver. My GED transcripts have still not been received. There is still no word on where my VA paper work went, but that is part of the joy of being a veteran. Multiple applications for scholarships have been filled out, essays written. I have scheduled my placement test and official class registration for August 9th at 1:30pm.

Please pray for me especially on that day, during that time and all the days leading up to it. I have not stepped foot in a class room setting since Tech School twelve years ago prior to that I was home schooled. Tech school was a whole new world and I thrived in the class room, now college is a whole new world and the unknown scares me just like it did in the days leading up to Basic Training and Tech School.

At this moment I do not feel particularly smart or gifted and the word test is freaking me out just a bit. While the excitement still out weighs the fear I need peace and clarity. I need for my personal feelings of doubt and feelings about self to be replaced with God's feelings and God's purpose which has no doubt and is full of promise. The mom in me needs the demolition devils to be plucked from my children so that I can focus and study.

Prayer for an out pouring and an over flowing of PEACE  complete, unlimited, ultimate PEACE and an unequaled filling of the HOLY SPIRIT for our family over the next couple days, weeks and months to come would be greatly appreciated. We have been wrestling with Satan and this is a complete step of Faith so that fight is getting fierce. God's plan is unfolding in our lives, we don't know what is coming next but I do know it is gonna be great!!

This journey is gonna continue and I along with my family are apart of it. Right now I am asking you my friend, you my family, you complete stranger to join us on this journey. Pray for us in our constant new beginnings all full of God's promise. Get caught up in our excitement! Support us any way you can or feel led to do so.

Like I have said before I have no idea where this journey is taking us or what will come next we just have to have faith something big, something great is coming and I am, we are ready for it. So together with the Lord hand in hand I say lets go get it!!

Let me laugh at White Water Mondays and all the other days to come

I love waking up early, I really do. The shower is always hot, the house is always quiet, I can be perfectly content in my own little world at 5:15 am.
Often my early morning routine has me heading out of the house for the gym then heading home to work out some more. I do my best to cram in my Bible reading and prayer time in the minutes between Brent leaving for work and the kids waking up in a wave of "mommy I am hungry"s and "mom there is no more toilet paper" oh and my favorite "mom I have nothing to wear!".
On days the wave hits before I find time to just be with the Lord I make a mental note to find that moment later in the day, often I forget completely. I have been working hard to let that happen less.

I want that moment!

I crave that moment!

Ok in all honesty I need that moment!

I have noticed over the years the days with that moment have a much easier current almost like that "moment" is my blow up raft that gets me through the day.
Days without it are rocky, jagged and stressful.
Not to say days with are not stressful I just seem to handle it differently. I see the stress in a different way, I get hit head on by conviction when I handle those stressers in ways that benefit no one. Conviction is not nice nor is it pleasant, but I would rather be convicted then toss my kids out of the life raft on my way down the river, know what I mean?

Yesterday we had a major case of the Mondays at the Reimers house. My trip to the gym was thwarted by the van misfiring as I pulled out onto the highway and it continued to misfire until I got off the highway scaring me to death in the process. I made it home thinking ok how on earth are we gonna pay for this now? Everyone knows we are on the "Dave Ramsey Plan" as my husband calls it. We live with in our means, we save our money and we have no debt outside of our mortgage. We still get paid the same as everyone else, we still have to pay the light bills and buy food and we do not have piles upon piles of cash. The money we do have has a name and a place and lately that name and place has been truck and mechanic. We have had car trouble pretty much since March which has slowly drained our car maintenance fund, a few other small funds we were using for other things and lately took a chunk out of the emergency fund.

I hate spending money, I am pretty sure the thought of spending money causes my heart to misfire just like the van was misfiring on the highway. It is scary! I don't want to do it. To me our emergency fund is another form of life raft, it keeps us safe. I rely on that life raft. If I took a moment to really think about it I could probably confess that I think about that raft more then I think about my God raft. Uh oh big time no no and that is what God has been whispering in the deep still waters of my soul which happens to be located in my inner ear by my brain and I some times call it my conscience.

So back to me making it home from my misfiring adventure drive home. I decided a walk would be a good idea since sitting at home was not gonna do me any good. I walked and I prayed. Not your normal prayers no my prayers yesterday morning as the sun came up sounded just like this.
Ok God how are you gonna take care of this one because I can't handle it no I just don't want to handle it and yes I am throwing a tantrum and you can't do anything about it and gosh darnit Lord why is this happening now, how are we gonna pay for this, I have goals Lord, big financial goals and this is just ruining it! Lord how am I supposed to pay for this now?
I swear I could hear God laughing, not mocking or mean, just laughing the way I laugh when one of my own throws the tantrum of the century over something small like a lost pencil. Then He reminded me He knows the plans I have for me. The image of my bank account popped up in my head, the one with all my goal savings accounts in it. It is looking pretty pitiful when I measure it up to where it was and where I wanted it to be by now. God showed me it was not empty. There is still enough to take care of today. We will be ok! I did not know that we would have so much trouble first with the truck and now with the van I just had my goals and my plans. God knew we would have all this trouble first with the truck and now with the van and He made sure my plans were enough to take care of those troubles when they came. My plans did not include putting away thousands of dollars in auto repair but God's plans made sure we had just enough to take care of it. 

When my money raft popped and I watched my dreams and goals float away getting bashed on the rocks in the river God's raft kept me afloat. When I shared my fear of what about school that money was not just for that goal it was my back up in case everything I was doing fell apart and I needed to pay for school. God assured me He will take care of that too. I would like to know more of that plan Lord but I guess I will have to wait.

I came home from my walk and joined Brent in the living room to work out a little more(we are attempting P90X). I felt better and shared some of that walk with him. The rest of the Monday stayed par for the course it was definitely a White Water Monday as I had children throwing up in bed, on the couch, on the floor, on themselves! I had children bursting into tears for no apparent reason while others howled in their room because I stood firm on my one video game rule. The VA lost my paperwork, the school won't return my calls, the mechanic can not figure out what caused the van to misfire so we are looking at no van for a couple days and the list goes on. It was quite a day. The icing was a broken TV and what I thought was a dead possum in the back yard that turned out to be a live hissing possum when Brent came home to deal with it. I think I have had all the Monday I can handle!

When I read Proverbs 31 this morning the verse "She laughs at the days to come" really stuck out. I know there will be more White Water Mondays  in the future. I know that yesterday did not happen by chance. I know that it was part of a long list of spiritual attacks that we have been under. I guess that means we are doing something right somehow. My sin has been found out and I serve a merciful God who comforts me when I fall down instead of hanging me out to dry. Hmm dry that is exactly how I have felt without Him being first in my life. My prayer for today was simple  
" I want to laugh at the days to come. Knowing there will be rough ones. I want to laugh at the days to come. God be my raft in the rough waters and in the smooth where the dangers lay hidden just under the surface. Let me be a blessing to my husband and full of wise instruction for my children. Let me laugh at the days to come. Amen"